Sonic Restaurant customer credit cards on-sale on the DarkWeb-$25ea...going fast!


Millions of CC numbers--some apparently stolen from Sonic Drive-In restaurants--are now on-sale on the DarkWeb for as little as $25-$50 each. This breach is reported by KrebsOnSecurity.

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Report: Lenovo Dethrones HP, Becomes World's Largest PC Maker

Source:CRN News

Lenovo has officially wrestled the crown away from Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) to become the largest PC maker in the world, Gartner reported Wednesday.…

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Dropbox confirms it was hacked

Source:C-Net News

After an investigation, the online file storage service confirms that usernames and passwords were stolen and then used to access Dropbox accounts…

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Social Networking Sites are Cost/Threat to Business

Source:Channel Insider

Social Networking sites are costing business big$$$ in lost productivity, report says.<learn more>

Social Networking sites are the fastest growing threat to business security say security researchers at Watchguard.<learn more>