What do we do?

Budget-friendly IT Services & Support in the Greater Northwest Arkansas Area, including the I-49 (formerly I-540) & Hwy-59 corridor, Southwest Missouri and Eastern Oklahoma.

We make your technology work, so you can work on your business.

Are you tired of wasting time on computer headaches that get in the way of running your business but donít know who you can trust to fix or prevent them?

Hereís why you should rely on VisuComm to take the burden of IT Systems and support off your shoulders once and for all:

         Proven track record: Most of VisuCommís employees and contracted professionals have experience measured in decades, not years or months. Unlike many other area IT Service companies, we donít have to add up the combined experience of our people to make the number seem impressive. It is impressive. Our founder and President, Fred Brandli, has more than a quarter century of experience in Information Technology Services. We have relationships with key vendors that go deep, which translates into excellent support and often extra savings for our clients.


         Meaningful Experience: VisuComm was not started by one of those IT guys orphaned by downsizing of a major retailer. Our experience is not limited to giant corporations or major universities with mega-millions on hand to build a computer environment. Though our President has worked in technology companies with a global reach, averaging billions of dollars in revenue, most of his experience is with small & medium sized businesses with limited resources like yours. He has direct experience supporting computer systems for many industries including Academia, Government, Scientific, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, Agriculture and Construction. This means that VisuComm will be able to truly understand your business and internal systems in ways few others can or will even try to. We can customize solutions for your business and maximize technology ROI. We wonít try to sell you a quick, one-size-fits all, high margin (for us) package and then leave you to pick up the pieces.


         Technical Expertise: We hire and contract with professional, experienced experts who know what they are doing & will spend the time necessary to get it done right so there are fewer problems and less cost to you down the road. Most work will be completed by VisuComm personnel, but our President realized very early in the development of VisuComm that you cannot always be everything to everyone. So he has built alliances, contracts and contacts with a number of Technology and Service specialists to insure VisuComm customers always have the best people offering the best of proven technologies and practices.


         Responsiveness: With arguably some of the best response times in the industry, VisuComm applies the same importance to all of our contract customers, regardless of size. We have also invested in the latest in Remote Support Technology which lets us log in to your computers remotely to address many issues without the need to wait for a technician.


         Advanced Technology Saves You Time: As a result of our Remote Support Technology investment, not only can a technician often remotely connect to your PC/Server and resolve the issue sooner than someone can be sent to your location, VisuComm can also perform many software installations and upgrades without you having to stay at the office after hours or come in over the weekend.


         Proactive Support to Prevent Problems: We can monitor your computer network 24/7 to identify and resolve many potential issues before they become critical problems. We can often warn you of potential issues before they become business halting problems. But if you have been following VisuCommís recommendations, even if the worst does happen we can restore systems to working order, quickly and efficiently, usually without any data loss or business hour downtime.


         Full Service: VisuComm is not just a break-fix computer company. We specialize in building and managing all the day-to-day aspects of an IT system. We can be your single point of contact for all Information Technology and communication systems and resources. Just one phone number to remember and no huge contact list to maintain. Phones go down, call VisuComm; Internet goes down, call VisuComm; printer wonít work; PC wonít turn on, need a new laptop, need a Web Site or email addresses for your entire company, want to move your office computers or even the entire companyís computers and servers to a new location, CALL VisuComm. What could be easier?

Work with us for just a little while and youíll understand why when it comes to Infrastructure Services and Information Technology, VisuComm I.S. I.T.