Should You be a VisuComm Client?

 You might be surprised by our answer to that question.   The answer could be “YES” or “NO”.

·         Our clients typically have 10 to 100 workstations, and rely on their computers, network, and Internet for daily operations.

·         They generally do not have a dedicated IT Person to handle computer issues.

·         Most of our clients have a specialized line of business application that they use to run their operations and rely on that software being operational.

·         They represent a broad cross-section of industries.

·         Their offices or plants are typically located in the Northwest Arkansas Area, but we have also had clients in the Fort Smith Arkansas & Southwest Missouri Areas as well as Eastern Oklahoma. Some have remote or branch offices hundreds of miles away.

·         They may have sales or marketing people that travel around the country or around the world and still need support.

·         Some clients are also the local office of a larger company without the resources or manpower to maintain local IT support. They have entrusted VisuComm with this crucial role of supporting their remote offices with the same level of support that they provide their own home offices.

·         They ALL have their own unique and special business needs that cannot be satisfied by the one size-fits-all, pre-packaged, high margin deals that so many other area IT support shops try to shove onto their clients.