About VisuComm

(VisuComm Infrastructure Services & Information Technologies, LLC)

            Origin of VisuComm

The VisuComm name itself began life in the Fort Smith Arkansas area, during the early 1990’s, as the name of a computer Bulletin Board System (BBS).

While nearly all area “computer experts” of the time decried the “GUI” and Windows especially as a “Fad” that would die out in a few years, VisuComm adopted the Excalibur BBS platform (created by a software company in nearby Tulsa, OK) and Windows as its operating system. This combination of OS & Communications software allowed creation of a “visual” experience unique in the geographic area, utilizing “point-and-click” navigation and simultaneous uploads and downloads. All this is now common with “The Web” but was practically impossible on the text based online systems used at the time. The novel “visual” aspect of this online service led to the creation of the name “VisuComm.”

Later, VisuComm added other locally unique services enabling access to both internet email and the then primitive “web” to the public, making VisuComm one of the first “ISPs” or Internet Service Providers in the area. With its global email offering and internet connections VisuComm became a popular dial-up destination for many local computer users and its reputation grew with people connecting to VisuComm from all over the world via dial-up modem (yay 300bps!!) and even via the internet. For nearly 20 years now Fred Brandli has kept that VisuComm domain name.

A few years ago, when Fred Brandli decided create an IT Services company dedicated to offering professional, affordable and customizable services to small business that could not afford to hire expensive IT people, he dusted off the name and VisuComm was born.