Network & Systems Management Contracts

VisuComm's goal is to help you control your costs and improve your efficiency by managing and maintaining you IT Systems. Our job is to make sure the computers are always ready and working so you can do your job of running and growing your business.  

Studies show that companies that do not have someone managing their computers lose literally thousands of dollars each year PER COMPUTER. 

In fact, Contracting with VisuComm can save you nearly $3000 per PC per year over the costs of having computers that are slow, crash constantly, that get infected by viruses or other malware, that are not configured for optimal performance or that are maintained by untrained people whose primary job and training is NOT to support IT Technologies.

VisuComm can offer managed services contracts that will help make sure you PC’s and Servers remain in top condition and remain useful for a longer period of time. With a service contract you can expect:

          Discounted service rates

          Priority Service over non-contract customers

          Guaranteed quicker response times, both phone response and on-site

          Regular checkups and reports on the items covered

 If you want to know whether you should contract an IT Services Company like VisuComm click on the “IS THIS YOU?” button above for more help and information.