Email Services

VisuComm's goal is to help you get the most from your communications and collaboration services. You can use the same email system, calendaring and collaboration services that the big companies use but at a small business friendly price.  

It was once a novelty and limited to use by computer geeks and university faculty members. But email has become a NECESSITY whatever the size of your business.

VisuComm can help you manage your email needs in a variety of ways. VisuComm can help you setup and manage an email server that is internal to your network. If you don’t need an internal email server VisuComm can offer several types of “Cloud” based email solutions. Having offered and administered public facing and “cloud” type email & online systems since the early 1990’s VisuComm is uniquely experienced in this area.

There are several advantages with using VisuComm email services over the common carrier services offered by companies many communications companies masquerading as IT Services companies. Our services are based on Exchange Server 2010. With many “Cloud” email services your company doesn’t get to have a company employee email address book or integrated calendaring, appointment setting, reminders and meeting and other collaboration features. You can have all that with the powerful & familiar MS Outlook 2010 email program when you use VisuComm’s email services.

If your company is still using email addresses that advertise a company other than yours (like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail) VisuComm can help you get email addresses that have your company name in them like NAME@MYCOMPANY.COM. Stop making your customers and vendors think about some other company every time you send an email or they send one to you; make them think about yours. VisuComm can help you get custom company name email addresses in an affordable way, with all the other collaboration features you’d expect if you ran one of the BIG companies.