Repair and Break-Fix Support

VisuComm's goal is to help you get your computer back up and running when something goes wrong. When your PC won’t boot or it is so slow you can’t get work done or you get a virus or it just plain crashes, we can help.  

VisuComm also provides troubleshooting and problem solving on networks and PCs.


There’s no doubt that you get more done with your PC than without it, but occasionally (maybe more often than that) the PC just won’t boot, shutdown, update, prints or any number of other problems. Sometimes the problem is hardware, sometimes software and other times it is viruses or other malware.


Whatever the case VisuComm can help by diagnosis and fixing most PC hardware, Windows software and malware caused problems.


VisuComm can often find the exact OEM replacement parts for failing components in your PCs. If we can’t we will find suitable replacements. These will often even be better than the originals.


Most name brand and even custom built computers and servers are not configured to meet their full performance. VisuComm can analyze your hardware and help you upgrade components and configurations that can bring new life to otherwise aging systems.


Many IT Service companies will let you keep paying them to fix computers and servers that re just going to constantly break down and need to be fixed over and over again. This is good for the IT Company because it makes them more money. And you get to see them “fix” things. It puts on a good “show” but it’s like making you pay to see the same depressing movie over and over.


VisuComm is not one of those kinds of companies. Before that happens we will advise you when it is time to plan on replacing and upgrading systems. This will save you time, frustration and money.