VisuComm's goal is to help you preserve your computer data.  

How many times has one or more of the following happened:

·         Erased an important file?

·         Changed and saved over the “ORIGINAL” copy of a file?

·         Deleted an important email?

·         Lost a laptop?

·         Had a hard drive crash?

·         Had a disgruntled employee delete files and emails?

·         Had a virus corrupt your files?


Practically everyone knows they need to back up their business data. But many people don’t know what really needs to be done to insure the backups are completed correctly and can be restored.


Think about these facts:


·         Around 20% or more of backup jobs to tape fail.

·         More than 50% of restores from tape backups fail.

·         Nearly 34% of businesses do not test their tape backups regularly

·         And of the businesses that did test, 77% found they were unable to fully recover data from those tapes.


VisuComm has expertise in backups and recovery going back decades including in secure military facilities. We can bring that same kind of security and reliability to your small business.

VisuComm can help you navigate the options ranging from local backups to on-line or “Cloud” based backup system to come to a reliable and affordable solution that doesn’t break you budget but is reliable enough to give you peace of mind.